Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Je vais en République Française

I realize that I have left the story of my close encounters with the rowdy kind incomplete. But I am currently in the midst of a hectic trip accross Europe on a shoestring budget.

I was away the last few days pinching pennies and admiring the natural pulchritude (not of the two legged female variety, you perverts) in the Scottish Highlands, and hope to write a travelogue down before I forget it all. I visited castles, lochs and bridges. I drove accross scenic beauty spots. More interestingly, I walked accross a very drunk Inverness at one in the morning, searching for toothpaste, during the course of which:

(a) I was mistaken by some poor drunk souls for Ali Baba - at least I think I was, as I quite distinctly heard them referring to Ali Baba as they expressed an ardent desire to speak with me. Though I could have set things right by telling them that I was actually thief #39 in the story, I decided that discretion was the better part of valour.

(b) I had a long conversation at the taxi rank with another drunk soul, who could not stop thanking me for having defeated England in the one-day series. Though I could have set him right by telling him that it was actually eleven completely unrelated chaps who performed the deed, I thought he was happier assuming I was directly responsible for England's well-deserved humiliation.

(c) I had another long conversation with two Englishmen from London at a pub, during which we discussed Kashmir and Northern Ireland, and how they wished they were not English and could actually visit Northern Ireland without being shot at and murdered.

Upon returning to Edinburgh, I spent a night experiencing (after a long hiatus) the Edinburgh nightlife yesterday, during the course of which:

(a) I watched an Arab do a pole dance. Thank you, Mohammed - I am still trying to erase the unsavoury memories from my head.

(b) I watched as a group of overweight Fijians at the next table magically transformed into rugby players from New Zealand as they tried to - unsuccessfully, if I may add - hit on a friend.

(c) I paid £3.60 in a parking ticket machine, only to realize that parking was free after ten in the night.

So it is a rather sleep-deprived young Warrier that shall attempt to wake up in less than four hours in order to catch a flight to Paris.

I have spent half an hour thinking of how I could describe my feelings at going to arguably the most beautiful city in the world. My grandiloquence has, however, failed me. The verbosity that so characterizes me has deserted me like a fickle mistress. All I can say is - YAYYYYYYYY!!!

Assuming anybody is interested in my travel plans (though I doubt if anybody is - however, since when have I NOT bored people with things they would rather not know), I'm travelling to Versailles, Strasbourg and Heidelberg, before returning home.

After which I set out another short trip to set fire to the birthplace of my old tormentor (from my schooldays), William Shakespeare.

After which I plan to expose to the world the gruesome details of the treatment I received at the hands of a poriki.

After which I face the ire of my supervisor.


So, as they say in Deutschland, Fick Deine Mutt... er... I mean, Guten Nacht!

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udit kumar said...

Did you asked that Tamilian friend of yours.. (unfortunately / fortunately mine as well if you are talking about vivek.) where is Gujarat.. for that matter. Probably for him it is hard to figure it out... Ok if you cant ask this question... ask him on my tab.... whether he wants to eat falafal after having couple of pints in "three sisters". He will be able to tell you ... Where is Gujarat and where is Edinburgh or are these two on same longitude/latitude. The thing is that you cant generalize on these issues such as racism. It is not very good idea to compare two places which are totally out of context. for example... in UK you are indian .. it very hard for european ppl to figure out our language, dialects, accent and waht not to decide which part of india we belong to. On the other hand, when we are in India it can be easily done. So the chances are more in India that people might be able to idetify where you are from and make racist comments. That way I believe that you are not comparing apple with an apple rather than you are comparing an apple with a water melon. Had the question be whether you faced more racist comment in gujarat or in Bhopal, I personally would have understood the nuances of this issue.

The long story of yours trying to forcefully convince that Indian's are racist or it is easy to replace north Indian's are racist. And their comments goes against south Indian's which it totally incomprehensible atleast at a point when you are asking a question to your friend in edinburgh and comparing gujarat and edinburgh on same parameters.

By the way I have plans to come back to edinburgh. Currently I am in Saudi Arabia. The holy place for Muslims. It might be really good experience talking about what current saudi Arabian Islam and Saudi Arab Muslim people thinks of people of different faith

kind regards
Udit Kumar

hey siddhu dont ask vivek whether he wants to have falafal ...he will say that now I am making racist comments...LOLOLOL