Thursday, January 06, 2005


To those of u who wanted to know why the fiction's all gone (and especially to curses, who threatens to sue me) -

a) Curses, I think my earlier post pretty much sums everything up. Don't call your lawyer, I can't afford it. And no, I'd never get myself beaten up by Amrish, however much you may desire to see me beaten up by the aforementioned character. ;-)

b) and anon. (hey cmon, tell me who u are), I disagree with you, its not life thats mean, but people who are!

c) And Usha, yeah, I totally, completely agree with the principle of wat u say. Even if I am an egoistic Mallu (as certain people put it), I think I have within me the ability to laugh at myself - to an extent.
Lets hope i get to singapore, then we can have a longer discussion on the ethical rights and wrongs of this issue... ;-). And maybe I'll soon put our psychobabble/philosophical discussion up here soon enough in the form of a discourse by the peerless Siddmund Freud. Provided of course you waive ur IPR over it.

Cheers everybody


P.s: this is by far my most grammatically incorrect and semantically incoherent post - EVER

'Shit happens! Thats why you should carry toilet paper with you' - Siddmund Freud, 2005

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