Monday, April 24, 2006


Exams have reared their ugly head again. They have arrived again to blight my life, and blot the sun out. The worst thing about being a post-graduate student is that you suddenly realize you're writing exams all over again, though you'd taken a solemn vow over that hot cup of coffee in the neighbourhood tea stall never to write an exam again after you manage to scrape through a Bachelor's degree. And after having taken that vow repeatedly - after the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh semesters, to be precise.

In any case, since I have five exams which determine the fate of (a) my scholarship, (b) my continued status as a student, and (c) my hope of becoming anything other than the right hand man of the local DMK goonda back home, I shall maintain a (hopefully) studious silence until the 29th of April at the very least.

I have a post that I cannot wait to scribble down though (sounds like a cheap advertisement, don't it?). It's called 'Siddhu 2025', keeping in line with the predictions for the future I have been making lately. I hope it stays in mind, and that the big bad world of Quality of Service, UNI, NNI, IPv6 and IPv4 doesn't drive it out of my meagre mind.

&*(^&^&*()! It's 10 26! So, as they say down here in these here parts, Cheers, mates (and matesses - if the word exists)

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