Monday, February 18, 2008

Dr. Shaikh the sex doctor

Uttar Pradesh seems to be flooded with quacks hawking their 'skills' to everybody travelling by train through the state. Ever since the train crossed the state border into UP, every single square inch of space not taken u by people going about their ablutions in the puvlic eye seems to have been taken over by advertisements in the Devnagri script for the aforementioned medical practitioners.

It all started with Dr. Zafar whose pharmacy at some lace called Dholpur was advertised to all and sundry in a 10-mile radius. However, if this Dr. Zafar's success rate is anything like that of his Mughal namesake, I think I'll stay away.

Where Dr. Zafar's reign ends, Drs. Raj and Shaikh take over. Dr. Shaikh is the one that interests us.

Dr. Shaikh's advertisements invariably go, 'Sex Rogi miliye Dr. Shaikh se' (Literally: Sex patients, meet Dr. Shaikh'. The good doctor also treats Gupt Rog (Secret illnesses). What these secret diseases are is beyond me - for instance, I find a running nose highly embarassing, and would like to keep it a secret. I wonder if the good Dr. Shaikh can help me out there.

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Mosilager said...

i have this secret addiction to chocolate... but it feels so good i don't want it treated... i'm sure most people would avoid... the only reason for secrets is to feel good in private!