Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sayr e-Hindustan

I am currently in my homeland; spending the longest time I have there since 2005. As I walked around a bookstore in Chennai, I stumbled upon a Lonely Planet guidebook for India (‘stumbled upon’ would probably be an incorrect phrase given that the India guidebook was probably the hardest thing to find in the store – Lonely Planet guidebooks to every other place in the world, Papua New Guinea included, were dime a dozen).

After I had bought it for a certain somebody whom I’m desperately trying to convince to visit India, I began to read through it myself. The more I read it, the more I realised that I had not really seen my own country (not since 1993 anyway). And thus, the plan germinated in the vast empty space above my eyebrows that passes for a brain – a trip across a bit of India.

The original plan included going to Mumbai, but the activities allegedly inspired by a certain unnamed person who shall remain nameless put an end to those plans (especially since I would be heading down to Mumbai from the North, and I had no desire to see myself in the middle of a Godhraesque firestorm). So, currently, my plan – much curtailed – involves:

Chennai – Delhi (17/02/08 0610 – 18/02/08 1015): Followed by a day spent exploring the Delhi of the last son of the house of Timur the Tatar.

Delhi – Dehradun (18/02/08 2315 – 19/02/08 0500): I plan to take a bus up to Mussoorie from Dehradun, and then spend two nights in Mussoorie – reputed to be the Queen of Indian hill stations. And, unlike Shimla - my original choice, delightfully monkey-free.

Delhi –Chennai (22/02/08; hopefully 1955): A Deccan Air flight that should get me back home by 2250 – if they decide to take off on time for a change, that is. Coincidentally, this flight within India’s borders will take a good bit longer than a flight from Scotland to Germany.

Photos should follow on if you are at all interested.

P.S.: Especially if you’re not Indian, I would imagine the latest two albums (from Chennai and Mahabalipuram) would be of interest to you.

P.P.S.: I apologise for the shoddy grammar in this post; I’m tired and sleepy.


Aravind said...

Thanks for the pictures mate.

I have heard from various travelers that Lonely Planet is not the way to go or at least the accommodation recommendations are not too good.

Have a good time in your travels.

Siddhu said...

Thanks, mate! :) But actually, Lonely Planet is probably the best I've ever used. I've used it for the UK, Ireland, Germany, and France - not failed me yet. Will let you know innit! ;)

I've combined Lonely Planet with Tripadvisor re. accom.

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

I haven't been here in a while and you have a few posts up!
Good stuff! How long are you in India for?