Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dire warnings...

It's not often that I find a place so repulsive that I wish to make a public statement regarding its unfitness for a visit. However, this is one of those times.

Dehradun was presumably a beautiful place. Ruskin Bond did quite like it. But today, it's probably a place best avoided unless you're immediately taking a bus out to Mussoorie. The city is filthy, dusty (my hands and hair are caked with dust), and full of rude autorickshaw drivers who are bandits (they're worse than any I've seen anywhere in India!). Oh, and there's absolutely nothing worth seeing.


Anonymous said...

You know, I'm actually as far from India as a person could get... Always have been, always will be. And yet I kinda like reading your blog, though originally I got here by a mistake. The purpose of the comment? None. Just wanted you to know.

Siddhu said...

спасеба болшои!!

Yaroslava is a Russian female name, innit! :) I hope i got it right.

Thanks a lot for reading the blog and finding it interesting.

Continuing on the same assumption, до свиданя ! (Sorry my cyrillic spelling is terrible; but I'm learning :))

Anonymous said...

Heh, you got it right with the name, only I'm bielorussian. But still, keep learning russian. You've managed to surprise me for the second time.
Vse, privet!

Siddhu said...

Haha, thanks. I do my best - actually going to the russian consulate tomorrow to get some russian language books. Btw surprise 3: моя падруга - русcкаяа. :) That's why I've been trying to learn Russian over the past one year.

Yeah, I figured u were Belorussian soon after I wrote that comment. I saw on the hit counter on my blog that you were from Minsk. I do know a bloke from Minsk, coincidentally enough!!

Shubham Bhardwaj said...

Hey man dehradun is a great place. Been born and brought up there. Albeit a bit on the sleepy side it tends to grow on you gradually..

Siddhu said...

Sorry dude no offence. :) I mean, I didn't find it sleepy at all - the locals I spoke to told me that things changed shockingly after it became a capital. It was incredibly crowded; like a place that had bigness thrust upon it involuntarily.

Btw, when I wrote this post, i'd just missed my train to Agra. And so, I was rather pissed, innit! ;)

Siddhu said...

pissed, as in pissed off! :p

Felt much better later when I found Maa Cozee, and met this really nice Punjabi autodriver who said, 'Bhaisaab, agar hum aapse theek pesh nahin aaye to aap log Dehra ke baare mein kya sochenge?' For his sake at least, I have to edit this post! :)

Over Rated said...

Dude .. I so agree with you, being from Delhi *gasp, gasp* even I find Dehradun really bad. No offense to the people living there. But I don't know why they do.

And another thing, not everybody in Delhi is spewing B.C. . There are other adjectives that are in use.

Also liked the Last King of Kerela post ... You should get a job as a writer on the Catherine Tate show or at least big brother.